New Year aspirations... farewell to 2010.. :-)

December 28, 2010 9:01am CST
Every year comes with lots of new or repeated hopes and dreams. whole lifetime appears to be short when we look back into our past. Yet we, humans, always stay optimistic towards our new year resolution. :-) with lots of ups and downs, 2010 was somehow one of my memorable year.When i think about my achievements, 2010 has become a landmark. It is our aspirations which defines the purpose of our life and helps us make our life better.Keeping this in mind, if we give some time to think and make some plan for the coming year, we can make 2011 even better than 2010. I have planned mine....what about you ?? :-)
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29 Dec 10
Each year as the poster said brings new hope n dreams,my hope for the year 2011 is to make enough money that i will be able to buy my self all the necessities of life lol.above all i believe is another opportunity to get close to my maker and believe in life itself and possibly find love in the year 2011
• India
1 Jan 11
great!!! although i can't forecast, but would like to wish you luck for your maker and love.. Happy New Year and best of luck :-)