Curry is TOO delicious

@katie0 (5212)
December 28, 2010 1:13pm CST
I just ate white curry yesterday and today and can't get enough, i love it so much, with soy milk of course as i'm a vegan. what an amazing dish. indians have lots of healthy and non-animal-cruelty kind of foods wich i adore. do you like curry?
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@eileenleyva (10964)
• Philippines
28 Dec 10
Indian cuisine had penetrated our culinary institutions a long time ago. Curry had been one of my early favorites. It is super spicy but tasty. Hmmm, real yummy!
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@RawBill1 (8542)
• Gold Coast, Australia
16 Jan 11
That sound delicious. I am a big curry fan. I have always loved the flavour. I love Indian food and have to agree with you that Indians do make some pretty amazing vegetarian dishes. I prefer to eat vegan too, so I have Indian meals without the dairy and find them just as delicious. I am not familiar with white curry though. Is it white because it has milk in it? I would just leave the milk out if I were eating it.
@parveen86 (101)
29 Dec 10
I love a veg curry made out of different vegs not just one. There's also red kidney bean curry, and curry made out of almonds. I am not a vegetarian so I do have meat currys aswell but really do think that the veg currys are the better tasting curries.
• Calgary, Alberta
28 Dec 10
I like curry and all varieties of it, so I hope you will respect me because I do eat the meat varieties too. But never mind, I do eat vegetable curry, It works well with eggplants and carrots. I like it when my curry have coconut milk and if its spicy. Its hard for me to explain the taste of curry but its something delicious that we cant taste everyday. The spices really complimented each other.