Gifts for children

@SIMPLYD (84506)
December 28, 2010 8:38pm CST
I had to hurriedly buy a gift after Christmas because i forgot to buy my two nieces, gifts and i will be going to their place to visit. Hence, i went to the department store and bought two similar kiddie's shorts with tops. My two nieces were too happy when they opened and put them on and they want to use them right there and then, but we said that they still have to be washed. But lo ! when they slipped out of them, we saw the tags that said "boys". LOL Nonetheless, shorts and sleeveless t-shirts looks good on them. Their mom said the tops could be used even when going out but the shorts can be worn at home. But i sure gave the two , big smiles on their faces when they had it on! What about you, have you given something not appropriate for the gender?
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