Have we met our soul mate?

@gengeni (3308)
December 28, 2010 9:14pm CST
When we are in a place at the right moment, that opportunity. When we meet someone who makes us interested, it's not choice, that opportunity. Meet in an event is not an option, It gives the option. If we end up loving that person, even with its shortcomings, was not a chance, but it is a choice. When we choose to be with someone even though no matter what, That is the choice. Even when we realize that there are many others who are more interesting, more clever, more rich than our mates and we still choose to Love, That's the choice. Feeling Like, Love, Love, come in a variety of opportunities for us. But True love is eternal is an option, options that we do. Talking about the soul mate, there is a quote that may be very appropriate: "Fate brought us together, but still depends on us how to make everything successful" Soul mate may actually exist. And even very possible that someone created just for us. But it still passed away at us. To make a choice whether we want to do something to get it or not .... We may happen to meet our soul mate, But love and stay with our soul mate, is the choice we have to do. We live in a world not to find someone who is perfect to be loved. But to learn to love an imperfect person the perfect way.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
hi, actually, i dont believe about soul mate, because why there are people still a single til to the last of their life, so i dont want to believe.
@cssiduyz (1054)
• Indonesia
29 Dec 10
Meets or find a soul mate is everyone's dream through a choice. There are some people who have found or met his soul mate and there are some who may not find or meet her soul mate. For those who have not found or met her soul mate should never be prejudiced in the God who set this all. patience, trust and try to find him and believe in a supreme moment that HE will bring us fair with our soul mate. For those who have found or met the soul mate for his blessing (God), blessed and thankful for grace, grace, and blessings of His (God) for us, because in essence is the soul mate of grace, gifts and favors from the HIS (God's ), then do not ever waste the grace, gifts and favors. Thank all of that with sincerity both the advantages and shortcomings of our soul mate so life would be perfect and blessed before God.