Chingu yaaaa.........

@gengeni (3308)
December 28, 2010 11:02pm CST
Would you do this as well ....? lately more and more awards, held in Korea, and most use online voting to determine the champion, and not all require registration for voting. problem, because the voting is free, then the fans with their artists are free to vote more than once, even every day ..... and I think, is like that same cheat, aka cheating, because if so do I've no longer 'the best' who would win, but who will win is supported by many people who are cheaters ....
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 11
Not so chingu, awards in korea not just taken from voting only. Voting was just what percentage. bit count. Album sales also calculated. Many other distinguished anymore. For instance, yesterday, not like a voting influence. But like I note, awards in korea, confuse. Different events, different winning. For the organizers have an issue with the company A, the artist of A is not winning. While in the other awards, artist A was awarded. Are conflict and proximity affect the assessment? That's who should be investigated. Not voting. Voting the same everywhere.
• Indonesia
2 Jan 11
people who do cheat on each contest to determine the champion who use the system to lose his own vote because every vote they send an online course must use the cost, this game is a natural thing your own way of knowing if the company did not want to lose them would also benefit from a person who send their voices
• Indonesia
29 Dec 10
if there are FANS of non-Korean who managed to enter the site to vote it's likely they do IDENTITY THEFT. This has happened many times and easily smelled by the authorities because in this year also released the news that a number of IDENTITY THEFT happen in Korea. generally the stolen property is a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER seniors. not predictable, how can the average elderly person blind access technology such sites in a number of very large? recently even the Korean authorities to trace to a site in China which to disseminate SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER via the internet for the FANS can follow-Voting KOREAN IDOL. this case a sensitive case given the IDENTITY THEFT be troublesome because the original owner of SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER in Korea is like PASSWORD for many important things. IDENTITY THEFT included in CYBER CRIME. if it wanted follow-up Vote for Korean stars you try to come from the official site does provide access for foreigners such as sites and MNET MEDIA MELON.