what can i do? how can i feel?

@kirthy (387)
December 29, 2010 1:48am CST
hi, in my home myself, my husband, father in law together.now father in laws age is 64. now a days he is roaming only with his panties before bathing. i felt uncomfortably. and today he gave me the empty shampoo packets to throw it out , through the door gape. i felt not good. what can i do? how can i feel? is it good?????????????
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@sql_cell (1429)
• Indonesia
31 Dec 10
Better, you talk about this issue, to your in-laws. Or you can talk first, with your husband, and sought a way out together. If you do never talk there will never be change.
@mtrguanlao (5527)
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
Hi kirthy! Sometimes old ones tend to feel and think that they are young again,they are becoming stubborn,it's been a fact we should accept. We may not understand their actions because we haven't reach that age yet. But when we are,we might say "Now I understand". I'm saying this because my grandmother used to live with us and she is sometimes annoying but my parents said old people are like that and all we can do is understand them. In your case,I suggest you tell it also to your hubby on what you feel about it,he might say it to his father in a way that your father in law wont get hurt or offended.
@ren1982 (341)
29 Dec 10
hey! things you can try doing is sitting down and putting down some rules of the house but make sure you dont just ask him to not do lots of things make sure he is also allowed to put some rules down so you all can live together and get on. maybe sit down with your husband and ask him to help out more or to get some home help. and if you cant do those things then maybe talk about moving your father-in-law to a place where he is able to get the care he needs hope you get it sorted!
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
29 Dec 10
Hi there Kirthy! I think we should be understanding about old people but if you're really feeling uncomfortable, maybe you should tell your husband about it. Explain that you just don't feel comfortable.