@buli23 (550)
December 29, 2010 1:04pm CST
There are different types of fruits in our society. The list of fruit which are available in our market are- Mango, Apple, Guava, Banana, Grape, Orange, Papaya, etc. In the view of medical science fruit are very essential in our life. Seasonal fruit is to much essential to keep our body fit. From the fruit we can get different types of vitamin which are to much essential for our normal growth and nutritions. By eating fruit we can keep our body weight normal. Fruit less the chance of disease attraction.
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
18 Jul 11
Yes, indeed, fruits are rich sources of vitamins. Wonderful that there are so many different kinds of fruits in your country. For me, orange and pineapple are the favorites. I like eating the fruits and also drinking the juices. Orange juice is part of my breakfast every morning.
@SIMPLYD (87139)
• Philippines
30 Dec 10
In addition, fruits helps keep your skin glow and healthy. It gives a pink glow in your cheeks if you at all times eat fruits. It is said to retard aging. It keeps the body weight normal because of its fibrous capacity. being fibrous, it helps in the elimination of wastes in the body, thereby eliminating toxins that can make us sick. My favorite is ripe mango. I eat it as it is or i have it made into shake! What a treat to eat my favorite fruit. . . mango!