12 Angry Men

December 30, 2010 4:50am CST
I think fans of rational arguments and logic will love this one. I found it amazing how rational arguments make them aware of the logical inconsistencies which is unapparent at the beginning of the movie. Some philosophical/ethical issues are also highlighted in the movie, though I think the crux is the logical/rational argument imo. I have seen this movie humpty noumber of times...So many times that i could recollect the dialogues Everything started when a representative from Ma Foi' Academy told about this movie during his speech about Group discussion...A pal of mine downloaded it and soon it was publiicised. What fascinated me was,though not directly related to this movie, i have had a similar experience during association meetings...People get dragged on and start tracing the past and find faults with each other...So much so that they loose track on what they're talking about but they wanna win the argument in the end Has anyone seen this movie?
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