Animal rights group vs dolphin show

December 30, 2010 5:57am CST
Hello everyone! In our city, a dolphin show event just opened up this Christmas season. An animal rights group is protesting against the show. I understand dolphin shows are common especially in other countries. I am from the Philippines by the way. I'd like to know what the animal rights group is protesting about. I think those dolphins are being fed well and cared for (unless there's some inside story about maltreatment we don't know of). Maybe they are protesting that animals should not be used as objects of entertainment? What do yout think? Thanks for reading and happy myLotting!
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@maximax8 (27046)
31 Dec 10
I have enjoyed seeing wild dolphins. On Christmas Day 2001 I went on a dolphin watching trip in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. The year before that I went to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia in Western Australia. It is enjoyable to watch wild dolphins when the opportunity presents itself. The wild dolphins have freedom an can live as nature intended. I have heard that at Sea World some of the animals are forced to entertain the people. The sea is enormous but a pool with dolphins isn't large enough. Some dolphins die earlier than they do in the wild. I noticed cruelty in Sumatra with the crocodiles. In the Northern Territory the crocodiles can be seen to lead a natural life.
• Philippines
31 Dec 10
Thanks for shedding light about this for me. I see. So even if the dolphins are treated well, being in captivity in a small area is not natural and could kill them. That's just sad to hear that they are being treated as mere objects of entertaniment and means of earning money than being treated as (adorable) living creatures.
• Calgary, Alberta
30 Dec 10
They wanted those dolphins to be free while they forgot the fact those dolphins are tamed and they were already dependent to humans. They didn't even think that in the wild, already tamed dolphins are vulnerable from predators like Sharks and whales. Those dolphins are not caught in thee wild, they were bred in captivity and I dont think it would be healthy for the eco system to release animals who lost their wild instincts. Those dolphins who are already tamed can be easily caught by fishermen and be slaughtered.
• Philippines
31 Dec 10
I totally agree that the dolphins that were trained in captivity may not be able to adjust to livingin the wild. They may still have their natural instincts but they may not be able to adjust fast enough when brought to the big waters and may be put in danger.