@buli23 (550)
December 30, 2010 11:04pm CST
I want to be a healthy one. Many times we can see that when we become ill that time we not able to work and every things in this world become bad. First thing we have to keep well that is our health. To keep our health we have to take food and we have to do exercise regularly. I want to keep my health fit always that is why I had to do regular exercise and I had to take nutritious food like vegetable, Cow milk, Seasonal fruit etc. So I want to say that be healthy, keep healthy and stay healthy to to do your daily elementary work properly and to decrease the medical expenses.
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• China
3 Jan 11
Health is a carrier of the happy.Good health is above wealth.However I often feel perplexed:the health is easier said than done.Are our food safety?Are our exercise proper?In the face of strenuous work how come you are not mentally and physically exhausted?
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
Living healthy in this day and age can be a test between fast food restaurants on all corners, infinite entertainment options that promote inactivity, and a medicinal solution to treat most conditions, there is slight enthusiasm for taking responsibility for your health. Making useful health choices can help you feel good on the daily basis, help you avoid irritating illnesses like head colds, and even prevent severe diseases. Although living a healthy life cannot guarantee you from not getting lung cancer or pancreas cancer, you will be reducing your risk. In the long run, these helpful choices can lead to a longer, healthier life that will require less medication. Your primary step for maintaining good health is eating right and getting enough exercise. This is most likely one of the theoretically least challenging phases of staying healthy, but it is frequently difficult to put into action. Making healthy food choices on the daily basis and finding time to exercise is easier said than done. Active lives often lead to choosing foods that are fast and easy, and often prepared ahead of time. Exercising when there is work to be done, kids to be cared for, and other errands to handle is often a tough thing to prioritize. If you want to stay healthy and joyful, work hard to make healthy food choices and try to fit exercise into your schedule at least three to five times each week.
• Philippines
31 Dec 10
Hello there! It's a good thing you are conscious about your health. As they say, 'prevention is better than cure'. We really have to watch what goes into our mouth because what we eat is one of the major things to consider to stay healthy. If we are healthy, we won't suffer and won't easily be affected by diseases. This is a lot cheaper than going to the doctor to have yourself cured because you have acquired this diseases. We can exercise by doing simple things, like walking and doing household chores. Keep up what you are doing! =)