How to help our world???

December 31, 2010 12:11am CST
Hello, Friends, if our world tell you that, please help me to cut out the pollution.Then what will be the step that you want to adopt for improve our world situation like pollution,Criticism,Poverty...etc. If it is tell me then i will go for educate my improve our world.
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• Philippines
24 Jan 11
The first thing we need to do is to pray. Letting God that we need Him very much we'll make Him realize that we are calling to Him for help. We can reduce pollution in even very simple ways. For land Pollution, avoid and do not throw garbages anywhere else, stop violation the government's rules. The less the pollutant, the more pollutions will vanish. For water pollution, we must not throw garbages to on the rivers, lakes and other water forms. A cleaner water is a must for us all. We can prevent calamities from flooding our place by planting more trees. The trees will absorb the water that the soil contain when it rains. We can resolve poverty by donating poor people with goods and clothes. They won't be able to buy those things for themselves because they are poor.