@buli23 (550)
December 31, 2010 1:12am CST
I think every body need help from the other, it may be from their family or any other unknown persons. I get many helps from my relatives and friends. A good mankind always try to help the other people. I think if you help to other you and expect that you can get help when you will be in trouble. We should help to the other people not to think that we will get reward. I always try to help people that is one of my duties I think. I think that my live will be success if I can able to help the poor people.
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@Lance26 (957)
• Philippines
31 Dec 10
Nobody can stand by himself alone. Even the strongest or genius person will need one as we are not perfect. We can be strong and stout but will never remain that way. At a point in our life whether we like it or not we do experience shortcomings. On the other hand, giving a hand to anyone is not a service that expects payment of any form but a spontaneous deed of a good man.
@tiffnkeat (1679)
• Singapore
31 Dec 10
We all need to recognize that no man is an island and all of us, even the strongest or the smartest will need help sometime. I would think it is worrisome when you see someone in need of help and you do not lend a helping hand, if you can. It really questions our value system as fellow humans. However, if you know it is not within your capability or capacity to help, maybe it is better not to, in case you mess things up. I would be happy to help others, even strangers, because I know as much as it will brighten their day, it will lift up my mood as well. I have been helped when lost travelling in Japan, and kind souls took the trouble to help me find my way. You won't believe how happy and blessed I feel at that moment. I would like to believe that when I extend similar help to others, they too will someday pass it forward. What goes around comes around.