Writing a compare/contrast essay!

United Arab Emirates
December 31, 2010 1:21am CST
My daughter needs to write a compare/contrast essay about two different countries for school. I'm having a little difficulty helping her because writing about two different countries that she has been to doesn't give her the option to take a viewpoint and support it. Please help me figure out a way to start the essay off for her so she can continue writing! Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!!!
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• United States
1 Jan 11
She can still state and support her own viewpoint within the framework of compare and contrast. For example, she could say, "I was lucky enough to visit both Thailand and Singapore this summer. While I enjoyed the gorgeous beach towns of Thailand, I sometimes felt more at home in Singapore because it is more like the United States, my native land.Both countries welcome travelers beautifully, and either would be a place I'd love to see again." This way she can elaborate upon descriptions of both countries with details that are nothing but her own observations and opinions. She doesn't get out of her depth, and the paper is already organized for her.
• United States
31 Dec 10
For a compare/contrast paper all you have to do is discuss the tow countries' similarities (compare) and differences (contrasts). For example and orange and an apple are different because one is orange and one is red (contrast); but they are both a type of fruit that has lots of nutrients(compare).