you should try chinese traditional medicine! it's unbelievable

December 31, 2010 3:40am CST
everyone has the perception of the high cost of getting medical service. in china, it is a hot issue. through my own experience, i found chinese traditional medicine had amazing effect. chinese traditional medicine uses natural herbs. its effects are not that obvious and quick as western medicine because it doesn't aim at the disease itself, it stresses on improving your whole body organs. at the same time,it is mild and it won't hurt your body and gives you side-effects so much. i used to have pimples on my face, and i had tried a lot of drugs for external use. but none of them works. then a herbalist doctor gave me a presprition and my pimples disappeared in two weeks! besides, the fee is much lower than the western medicine! some reports said chinese medicine has no scientific evidence. but it actually has a long history ,theory and system. now, more and more people accept it all over the world. i have heard about that in many countries, they have thier folk remedies too. i think they really should be passed on!
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