Favorite Anime 2010 Poll

December 31, 2010 11:25pm CST
Turning back the time!! It's time to look back at your best 2010 animes!! take this poll- +o+ (http://randomc.net/2010/12/29/readers-choice-favorite-anime-2010-poll/comment-page-3/#comment-622337) copy the whole link ^o^ brought to you by randomc.net NOTE: The Poll will close on Sunday, January 2nd at 8:00 AM GMT. Results will be posted in the upcoming "Best of Anime" 2010 post. so make sure your vote will get in before jan 2nd!
4 responses
• Philippines
1 Jan 11
Broken Link? TqT
• Philippines
1 Jan 11
ops! sorry~ here's the link heheh ^_^' please copy the whole link http://randomc.net/2010/12/29/ readers-choice-favorite-anime-2010-poll/ comment-page-3/#comment-622337 make your vote for the best five anime of 2010!!
• Philippines
1 Jan 11
of course I will!! Thanks ^^
@whateva (786)
• India
1 Jan 11
so we have to vote eh :D its so hard i love each of them in the list .
@Ichiru101 (285)
• United States
20 Feb 11
Oh I am way late to vote. I really wish I joined sooner now. :(
@jasque (52)
• Brazil
18 Feb 11
I almost would choose Ore no Imouto... But that episode where *spoiler* Kirino gets an anime *spoiler* That killed the show... So I choose K-on!! (and I didn't watch this season, but there's no way Kyoto animation would mess up with it)
• Philippines
2 Jan 11
Durarara!! is in my list~ hope it joins the best 2010 anime!! Go! Go!