Attention home improvement retail customers!!!

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January 1, 2011 9:42pm CST
We,the employees,are not there to do your project for you.We aren't there to clean up after you,so put the items you decide you don't want back where you got it.We aren't there to watch your kids for you.They shouldn't be in the store in the first place.We don't stock everything in the world,so don't act surprised when we say we don't stock an item you want.Don't ask us where something is the second you walk through the door.The store isn't that big and you probably need the exercise.Make an effort to find it.It's a matter of common sense. Men,don't send your wife in to buy something you need.She doesn't have any idea what you want,so neither do we.If you need it,come to the store and get it. There's this new thing called the internet.Research your project and figure out what you need before you come to the store.Our stores are made up of 70% part time employees.Most of them don't know what they are talking about and don't care.Why would you seek they're advice? Not everything comes under the heading of customer service.If you need something cut,buy a saw.We,also don't take back everything.If you expect us to take something back with no problems,keep your receipt. We know that 80% of our customers are thieves.Stealing a screw is just as bad as stealing a generator.If you try to return in a $500 tool set without a receipt,we know you stole it.No one buys a $500 tool kit and doesn't keep the receipt. Lastly,we don't stock a single thing you need to survive.We don't stock food or clothes.Pretty much anything you actually need,you can get from Walmart.You may want things from our stores,but you don't need them.
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2 Jan 11
It sounds like your in need of a new job. It is my right as a customer to ask where something is. If I don't want to walk to get it I could sit while the staff member goes to get it. Someone sure did piss you off.
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5 Jan 11
Wait, I thought employees in retail everywhere were supposed to be salespeople, slaves, mothers, housemaids, and God all in one. Was I wrong? Seriously, I totally sympathize with you. All retail is different, and I've never worked in home improvement, but I've definitely been cursed enough to have worked in retail. It seems that while you have an employee badge on, all you get as customers are entitled and lazy babies. If it makes you feel any better, there are rare people out there who have been in your situation and try to make things better for employees. As a consumer, I have often put away carts that were left in random places by other customers, put away products that are out of place (if I knew where they went), and have pulled down expired sale signs from time to time so the whole "but the sign said it, so it must be true!" argument can be avoided. I'm sorry for the things I know you go through...but at least you can rant about them here. I bet you just wish you could repeat some of these things back to some entitled nuts out there!