Firefox Crash

January 1, 2011 10:42pm CST
hey, did anyone know what is the solution for this. My Mozilla Firefox crash each time i went to social network especially after i entering the username and password. the web is stunned. can't do any activity there. when i tried to close it. the browser also following closed and crash dialog box appear acquring me to send information to mozilla. until now the problem hasn't resolve yet. did any one can help?
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@fpsninja (874)
3 Jan 11
The only reason i can think of that might be causing it, is that you might have a very slow computer, which means taht it is actually the cpu that cannot compute, or work out, or watever you want to call it how to decode the site, meaning that the program doesnt get enough "power", and therefore crashes. Apart from that, maybe you have a plug in missing, and say if this site uses flash heavily, then maybe it wont work. Try using another program to connect to the site and see if it works.