inexpensive VS. unemployed

January 2, 2011 4:25am CST
It is a paradox that some citizens in developed countries are happy to buy inexpensive goods from developing countries. But they are facing a problems that is they lose many kinds of jobs especially jobs in manufacturing industries. What is your attitudes on the paradox? Do you have any suggestions to solve such a tough question? I'm looking forward your answers!
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• Indonesia
7 Jan 11
yes I think this is the global problem nowadays. Many companies from the big companies outsourced their manufacturing activities outside their countries because of cheaper labor and raw materials. It causes dilemma because they need to minimize their costs or else customers will not buy their product. In the mean time as the current condition of the economy is worsen due to high unemployment, no jobs can be created that quick since the low wage jobs has already being outsourced. I think the way a person can survive in time like this maybe to create their own business or started to seek jobs in another countries such as China and India which are currently not very affected by the global crisis.