Recommend me the best and fastest flash/pen drive?

@ritwick (190)
January 2, 2011 5:14am CST
I will buy a flash/pen drive today with 8GB or 16GB capacity today.Being a tech guy i have seen many online benchmarks of flash drives with a google search. Being a computer science engineering student and a linux and windows XP power user i need the best,fastest and reliable flash drive.I prefered sandisc and kingston but today i saw an online review where sandisc cruzer was slow and kingston pen drives are big and bulky. Don't recommend transcend as i already have one and want to try other alternatives. So friends please recommend me the best flash drive brand which i should buy.And by the way what do you use. Reply quickly whatever you think as i will buy today at night. So in your opinion which is the best flash drive brand.
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2 Jan 11
If you look hard enough, you can find eSATA OCZ pen drives...used one of those for a while, it was blazing fast, left my kingston datatraveler eating dust. All until somebody stole the drive, then it was back to the kingston as a replacement was too expensive. Best of luck
@amitvn (48)
2 Jan 11
I had one iBall pen drive before with 4gb capacity..the only advantage of that was it was giving me 3.99gb capacity which is very rare in pen drives that it gives full capacity usage... but i was not happy with the performance as speed of transfer was much lower about 4-5 Mbps For second pen drive which i bought i was very confused which brand to select for 8Gb drive.... at that time i bought sandisc 8gb cruzer and it is working like charm :D almost giving me 11MBps data transfer speed every time and not much bulky..