Are you afraid that your credit cards max - out after Major holidays?

United States
January 2, 2011 11:19am CST
Okay, 2010 is already a past, Christmas and New Year were yesterday, and we did spend some money while both are major holidays of the year. We exchange gifts and we do all the festivities to celebrate. It might be the biggest spending holidays of the year, and we have to be cautious about how much we spend. Because we just don't want to carry too much debt. I have to admit, I overspend on Christmas day, and I vow to cut back on New Year, and the next month. I keep track of credit card, and it wasn't out of my budget yet. Meanwhile, I knew some of my friends just max - out his/her credit cards, and they might have to work much harder than me for the next couple of months to get rid of it. So, do you think you max - out your cards yet?
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