FaceBook Zombies

@SinRealm (559)
January 2, 2011 1:32pm CST
A few days ago, I spent almost 12 hours at my friend's net cafe. And I noticed something odd. There were a group of kids when I arrived modifying their FaceBook profiles. Nothing wrong with that, but, a few hours later they were still doing their profiles (adding pics of themselves via webcam and changing profile info) and after we ate our lunch, they were still doing their profiles. We played a whole lot of games hanged out and these kids were still editing their profiles. I understand if you spend hours in FaceBook doing games or chatting but profile editing. Kids these days... What the hell is wrong with them? Oh, I asked my friend about those kids, he said they are regulars in the net cafe and they do those a lot. Anyone here can explain this to me?
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@PDBME2 (1023)
• United States
2 Jan 11
I spent quite a bit of time uploading holiday pictures of our family on Facebook. It seemed like forever but the uploading took long. I have friends that I don't see often so having them be able to view pictures of what was going on kept everyone up to date with my life. I know some younger kids are so creative with changing alot of stuff but I just do the pictures.
@SinRealm (559)
• Philippines
5 Jan 11
In your case, I can understand but in their case. 12 hours not eating not doing anything aside from editing profiles. o___o that is just crazy. But anyhow, I just let them be. It is just my first time experiencing such and I just had to share. :)
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
27 May 11
Hi. SinRealm. It seems like they are editing their profile because they want to change how they look. They want something different for their friends to look at. Kids these days, spend more time on the computer and they have became addicted to being on the Internet. It is fun to them and they enjoy chatting and communicating with their friends. Being on Facebook, and just changing up their profile constantly is a sign of having Facebook addiction.
• Romania
27 May 11
Zombie game on Facebook has started to get bored and now I stop playing that game.All of them are a waste of time, it's more better for me to talk here about something or to study in a domain . Facebook applications are a waste of time.
@Cannonball (3635)
• France
8 May 11
Kids have more energy than adults, these technology things for them is very fun.
@livecenter (1138)
• Malaysia
23 Jan 11
What a shock to read such an anecdote of life! I believe that most people are addicted to Facebook nowadays, and has resorted to live their virtual life longer than the real life itself ...It is proven by the fact that most people in my country are shocked when viral Facebook hoax hit this country...Many of them blogged the news in their blog and received many responses, negative as well as positive ones...Nevertheless, I believe that the behaviour of the kids are too much...How can they do that, and plus without meal? That will certainly retard their growth and eventually make them sick...And when that happens, no Facebook can help them out...