Anyone watched "Angel Beat!

January 2, 2011 3:32pm CST
It's a pretty amazing anime i watched so far. Its hilarious and sad at the same time. Angel Beat talks about what happen to the people who didn't live the way they want to and are given a second chance in the afterlife! It amazing and i highly recommend you to watch. The ending is so beautiful i would say. P.S the last ending song just finish it with a remarkable ending!
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10 Jan 11
I loved the ending it was one of the saddest ending I have seen. It truly is one of the best anime I have ever seen. The story is so funny and catchy how, they try to fight angel/kanede because everyone thinks that she is god and is making everyone disappear. But in the end they find out who she really is. Good Story!! Love it.
22 Jan 11
I totally agree with you.. I hear there's second two but with different people thought.... how they make a sequel
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
How many episode does Angel Beats have? Is it really a very interesting anime? I just want to watch it because of Angel/Kaneda Tachibana's dubber~ She's my favorite- heheh Just wanna know if it's really worth watching because sometimes when I'm in the middle of watching some anime I got bored--when things are not getting any sense but still I will give it a try! =^o^=
3 Jan 11
Angel Beat! has 13 episode with one ova and a 2 min epilogue. Trust me! its worth watching, its has like 2 or 3 random episodes of what their daily life are like but they are jam packed comedy. The storyline is a not as interesting until the end, where things actually start to make sense. It goes from funny to a sad but great ending! I highly recommend you to watch this!
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
I think I'm on episode 4 of Angel Beats. I saw that this anime won a lot of awards in the otaku streamers awards. So far, I like the comedy portion of the anime. But it is not that interesting to me. Probably because I haven't finished it yet.
• Philippines
6 Jan 11
Angel Beats- It ranked top two in "Best of Anime 2010" Well, If it's number 2 in the ranking~ It's probably a good anime to watch =^o^=