United States
January 2, 2011 8:28pm CST
Reading has become a thing that I do a lot of these days I enjoy some of it and some of the things I read make we want to become a better involved citizen. I like reading the news on the internet and reading about different topics. I have being reading about what has been going on in different countries, and it seem that most countries are having the same problems as the US, people are complaining about the government or, how bad they think the government is. In France they complain about the retirement system they have raised the retirement age the US is or will be increasing he retirement age for some people to 67 and there is talk of increasing it to 70. There is this Russians country that the people just went through an election and the person that was in office won again and the people are in an uproar over it they want the person out of office. It does not matter where or the race or religious background people all over the world want the same things.
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