runescape money making guide

January 2, 2011 8:50pm CST
1. go north of goblin village there will be a buliding whicth has a wine. its called wine of zamorok. dont pick up the wine because the monks will start attacking you. so you have to use the telekanitic spell to gte the wine. each wine of zamorok is 2k. one full invetory will give you 50k and 120 wine of zamorok will give you 220k so thats about 20min you will get 220k. i do it all the time thats how i got full zammy and still had 230k left. both member and non member. 2. go east of clan wars in the willderness. when you see green dragons (lv79) have a anti dragon shield because it protects you from fire. they drop green dragon hide and drafon bones. i reccommend picking up the dragon bones they are worth 5k each. thats 235k each full invetory. also beware of the revenets because your in the wild. this is only for members 3. this is my favorite way to make money. play bounty hunter or pvp to make money . but you need good armour. for non members you should wear adamant or rune. member you should wear black bragon hide and abysell whip. kill someone who is risking 30k or more to get a good drop. you should have lobster, sword fish, monkfish, and shark is good for bounty hunter. for non members you should be risking 25k or more and members should be risking 75k or more or else your drops will be horable. for both non members and members. hope that helped mylotters
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