Choose: Girls wearing revealing clothes or a conservative one?

January 2, 2011 9:25pm CST
This is for the guys to answer. Girls can also respond in this discussion. I just wonder what do guys like. A girl who wears revealing clothes or a conservative one.
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@dadindine (230)
• Philippines
6 Feb 11
I don't see anything wrong about the girls wearing revealing clothes, as the saying goes, if you have it flaunt it. But then again, these girls should prepare for the consequences of revealing too much skin. Not all guys are as nice and as gentleman as Tom Hanks (I heard he's one of the nicest in Hollywood). So girls, should be mindful of their actions. And oh, should be appropriate to where they are going. Anyway, personally, I don't wear revealing clothes. Usually, when I go out, the typical denim-pants-and-shirt look. Usually lose shirts. I feel more comfy wearing them. Showing curve is a bit no-no for me. To avoid eyes. :D
@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
hello Bianca, I don't wear revealing clothes,mind those who wears it,it's their choice. The only comment i want to say is,those girls who wears revealing clothes should never mind people staring at them. Some girls who wears revealing clothes gets angry when people stares at them...which makes my eyebrows lift. If they wears sexy clothes,of course people will stare at them it is given. So,if they don't want people to stare at them and whistle..don't wear sexy clothes. Besides,what's the reason why they wears those kind of clothes anyway?...isn't for displaying?...if not..then wear something that won't attract people's attention. I admire girls who wears sexy clothes and never mind people looking at them..that's the guts Happy mylotting