Saving money can be ugly.............

United States
January 3, 2011 12:34am CST
Hello fellow mylotters. Recently, I purchased some solar curtains for my home. They are supposed to cut the heating bill and cooling bill by a considerable amount. I read reviews on them and they were favorable, so I got them. I am not happy with them. They are covered in a foil look on both sides, and are absolutely hideous in my opinion. If I had drapes it wouldn't be so bad, but I have vertical blinds and little sunlight that manages to find its way into my home. Those solar curtains would make it even darker in my house, and my plants will die. Now I have to send them back. It gives me an idea, though. I plan to buy some thick, clear shower curtain liners and hang those instead. I'm certain they will help cut the draft and should save a small amount in my heating bill; I'm hoping a good 5% or so. They will look a lot nicer, and it would not look like I am trying to contact my friends in the Pegasus galaxy with all the foil on my windows.
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
6 Jan 11
i imagine they would work well if you didnt care about plants in the windowsill or having daylight come in and i bet they would really cut the heat in the summer.
• United States
8 Jan 11
so true! I have plants, and they need more light than they are getting without the additional darkening effect.
• South Korea
3 Jan 11
well thats the risks buying o9nline even though the prducts has good I always buy my dress online but sometimes I got some that doesnt really look good on me,,lol anyway its a good thing you found a way.. anyway I bought this thing its like a plastic tape that I can use to my windows and doors to keep the house warmer.. and it really works... aside from the fact that ITs cheap.. you might wanna look for it:) my curtain were actually just
• United States
4 Jan 11
I hate when I buy something blind like that, and I can't see it. Even worse the shipping charge to return it. Most things are not like that. What is this plastic tape called? I am interested in it. My windows have visible gaps in them and I have wracked my brain trying to figure out how to cover them without having anything that would stick to the frame and make a mess when it's time to come off and open the windows. Thank you for your response!