What do you think about circus?

January 3, 2011 1:57am CST
Usually I don't go and watch live circuses. I'm kinda feeling of not interested in it. I will be watching a live circus later with my parents. I just see some acrobats and tricks on the television. Tigers jumping through a fiery ring, and gymnasts tumbling on a ring. I don't think I'll enjoy the circus later. What about you? do you enjoy watching circus?
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@fgb_fritz (278)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
very funny, happy and joyful place! i like to go there because smiling people are around so i feel happiness explosion
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
1 Jun 11
I was last night at the circus. We stopped on the way home at about Orlando and I spent two fascinating hours, striking at the end of which I understood his life otherwise. Circus is a beautiful world in which rules are abolished outside. A handful of people are wearing to work a miracle that only one name and one soul. I see dragging from one place to another, appearing where you least expect, like wizards, and other wearing other costumes, and totally ready to do something else. I admire doing things that we, ordinary people do not dare even think about them, even if, somewhere deep in a rebellious soul, I hide fascination for what we wanted to be. Orlando fly, really, like a blue bird with wings of canvas and courage. He climbs the building so fragile and fleeting, that we, the audience, do not dare even to look at, not to cause the collapse. Michelle be hanging by some slices of white cloth and swinging in the air as if they would decide if it will ever come down to earth. Alexander burning torches and throw them away without ever catching any ... And dancing elephants, zebras, are spins extensive kneel camels, horses recompose world rhythms in their gait cadence. Upon leaving, I watched with envy and jealousy of her caravans parked on both sides of the huge tent under which we lived with many emotions. Artists walking recoiled their boxes, for representations to rest the next day. Beyond the weekend it will turn on to other cities in the world ..., to further applause.
@ifa225 (11097)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 11
i think circus is great and good to make kids amaze. we can learn many things from there like be more sporty or creative to make move in our body.