A lot of explanations just to make him believe you

January 3, 2011 2:40am CST
I always experience this. I have this friend, actually not just a friend, he's my suitor but though we're not in a relationship yet, I don't like the way he acts because he's really doubtful! I have to text him or answer his call every he does and whenever I go out he always insists that I'm with someone else though I'm not? He's just doubtful and I find it hard to be with a person like that's why I stopped communicating with him. How about you? Have you experienced this? A lot of explanations just to make someone believe you?
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• Philippines
4 Jan 11
i dont like possessive people too. i find them nosy and i feel choked with their attention. we all need attention but not too much. we dont need to be monitored like a criminal right.
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
3 Jan 11
Wow. That suitor is really acting like a bf. You must like him, if you're going along with his behavior. Personally I find it annoying. I don't like being questioned on where I was and what I did, etc. I have my mum for that already. It's okay if he's just asking just for the sake of conversation or finding out if you had a great day, but if it seems that he's a little accusatory or very very doubtful, then you'll have a hard time with him when you start to go steady.
@fanzejian (372)
• China
3 Jan 11
your bf (maybe this name is opt) are doubtful . it sounds like that he loves so much that he always knows whom you are with or where you are ,and what you are doing and with.but he is so doubtful that you are uncomfortable .how pity you are ,you have a bf like that .......