Mother in law, Daughter in law (Sas,Bahu) drama in real life

@msdivkar (1903)
January 3, 2011 5:44am CST
Indian Television entertainment channels are flooded with serials depicting the relations between mother in law and daughter in law commonly referred to as 'sas bahu' in Hindi. Each of these serials running into hundreds of episodes sometimes years together will ever increasing popularity not only with house wives but even with working ladies and gents. I have got a true life story related to this which could even more intriguing and debate worthy. The story begins even before the daughter in law makes her entry with mother son and sisters. The son is most obedient and of helping nature who would't mind going extra mile to help his family members financially or otherwise to the extent that the outsiders will feel that the sisters are taking undue advantage of his kindness. The daughter in law now makes an entry and the relations start changing not immediately but slowly well after year or two and a child is born to the couple. The relations start deteriorating slowly with sparks flying between M.I.L, D.I.L. & S.I.L. son being silent spectator ultimately it reaches no talking terms with son in line with his wife. His contention was despite of his whole hearted help and support to the family members they failed to understand him while mother and sisters thought he is changed at the behest of his wife. The marriage of only unmarried sister ( 4 others married with son taking active interest including financial in marriage of them) is now arranged. The son and D.I.L.although knows about this, has not been officially informed by mother so they both boycott the marriage. As you must be aware,in Indian context, the roll of brother in sister's marriage in all respects is very large. The onlookers who always had a soft corner for the son thought that he should have participated in the marriage whole heartedly under any circumstances. what do you feel son and D.I.L. right in boycotting the marriage?
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@jagjit273 (1740)
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3 Jan 11
hello there I suggest you to watch serials on sab T.V .they are much better and the best One is tarak mehta ka oolta chashma So enjoy them and be happy. have a nice day