Are you still working on trekpay

@icecubic (1851)
January 3, 2011 10:29am CST
Sadly, i have bored clicking the ads in trekpay. The reasons is they have decreased the rate of paying per ads and the are using alertpay replacing paypal to be a payment processor now. So i decide to quit from there, so far i have been paid twice there and that's good enough for me. How about you guys? Let's share, . .
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 11
I have not followed the trek pay because I was bored with the rules there
• South Africa
3 Jan 11
Yes they have slowed down but I guess its because the owner of trekpay is more interested in his other site which is Kooday now that site is doing good for me I have a link on my profile if anyone is interested, its about buying and selling keywords you cant lose out really although some times it does go a bit slow I have tips on my site or ask me for some and I will try to help you with kooday if you need any help
@sameer786 (833)
3 Jan 11
Yu are right, trekpay give very very low rate, i have 150 credits and they give me0.03$ for that, so now i have leave the trekpey because it is no worth.
@akp100 (13325)
• India
3 Jan 11
Well i got one payment from them. But after they have decreased lot in earning rate i left that site too. And just after my leaving they have remove paypal too. Too sad. Yes I am no more with Trekpay.