HELP - I need infor to save pictures and to copy to CD.

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
January 3, 2011 1:57pm CST
I use MicroSoft Picture It 2000 for my photos and editing them etc. They are saved in that same program. I know that if I loose that program or can't reinstall it at some point in time, that I will loose all the pictures there. do I save pictures on my PC so that if I loose that editing program I don't loose the pictures. I am minorly computer literate, so simple terms please! I am thinking that if I open files on my hard drive for the pictures, copy them from camera to Picture It...edit, save....but save to PIcture It AND the folder on my hard drive...would that work? I also use pictures often to post on certain places on the internet..blogs, Squidoo etc. How can I organize the pics so that they are also accessible to upload to these kinds of programs. And them all to a CD...or is it to a DVD? What is the proper way to do that to get the most on one CD? I don't know much about MG and bytes etc or compressing files or that kind of thing, so again, the version for dummies if you have any suggestions! Thanks!
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