Best hero pick on 5vs5 basis..

@rage35 (344)
January 3, 2011 9:46pm CST
I am into this dota gaming action and I want myself to boost my knowledge out from playing dota. I want to know from you guys if you have any suggestions of 5vs5 hero combinations and what strategy will you play out of this heroes for me to win the game.
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@r1buts (74)
• Indonesia
12 Apr 13
if you ask me in 5 vs 5 to play dota 5 vs 5. two hero straight, two hero intelegence, and one hero agility who serves as carry hero. stratefy depens on how the tem plays and the charater of the players.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
Here are my five best hero for five versus five game. The first one is Nevermore due to its fast farming skills and he can face any hero in the mid lane. Shadow Fiend's only defense lies in his superb offense. After each life he takes, he traps their soul to empower his attack damage with Necromastery. This allows him to amass high attack damage. Centaur War chief and Shadow Demon can serve as the bottom lane hero. The Centaur Warchief's toughness and survivability are legendary. The best place for this tank of a hero is in the center of combat, where his close range skills and massive vitality can be put to use. The Warchief's Hoof Stomp can incapacitate any enemies foolish enough to go toe-to-toe with him for several crucial seconds, giving the Warchief and his allies time to finish them off. The last two is Omni knight and Raigor for support to Nevermore. Omni knight uses his powerful support and healing abilities to turn the tide of battle. Purification, a direct healing spell, instantly heals a large portion of the targets life. However, it doubles as a powerful offensive ability, dealing massive damage to all foes surrounding the target being healed. Repel allows the Omniknight to make a target ally immune to most spells for an extended period of time, although it makes them unable to be targeted by Purification. Although the Earthshaker is a strength hero, his real power lies in his spells. With a well-placed Echo Slam, Raigor can single-handedly level an entire team of enemies if they are foolish enough to bunch together. His Fissure spell is very versatile. While it deals decent damage along with a stun, it also creates an impassible wall of rock for several seconds.
@con909 (53)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
rylai, sven and undying on one lane then storm on the other lane and DK on mid. 3 lanes are very effective to counter the lane or just to simply push your way in your lane. the other 2 heroes will do the job for middle and late games.
@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
Well, good day? I start playing Dota-Allstars when I was on third year high school and now I’m on Fourth Year College. It’s already six year since I start and I can say that I really do have a great experience on playing it and I already have a great idea all about this game. Regarding your topic “Best hero picks on five versus five basis”? My answer was divided in two options which is early game and late game picks because there line which is best depending on their time when playing them. Early game: On early game, for me the best pick for five versus five would be Gyrocopter, Broodmother, Enigma, Venomancer, Bane Hallow. As you notice these entire heroes have the ability to summon another unit because those skill will provide the strong lane of push. As I said this line up is good for early so there would be no hunt and the game play is all about push and finish the game. This Line will set a strong push on one direction only. Meaning those five heroes will take only one particular lane. If you are on the side of the sentinel the best lane for you is on the top lane because the space there is much free than the bottom lane. And if you are Scourge the best would be the bottom lane just simply directly proportional to the sentinel for same description why. At early game, when your enemy are setting up their lines and when the first swapped of creeps appear, I’m sure all of the hero enemy will be shocked! Because all hero of hero are taking a strong push at early time. If your enemy are beginners, they will find hard to think what they are going to do on this kind of situation. May be they will just continue playing their traditional game that they are expecting to go for the level up and build item before they go to push. Or maybe they will defend the Top lane even though they do not know how to handle it. But if they take their decision as to DEFEND it? They will really find hard to stop that line up because all hero are allied team have a disable ability as their go level up. Gyrocopter have its own stun, enigma also have the ability to stun, Furion has its own way of stun by the trees and bane hallow and venomancer will be the hitter after the disable executed. At that case it will really be hard for them this kind of situation. Then when the strong five lane already dominates the the top and finish it as they already destroy the barracks. They have an option to go for a roshan and believed me? They will finished and killed roshan for just a couple of second and it’s all because of their great number of units like the wards of venomancer and the howl of Banehallow will be the key to pawned roshan. After roshan, you can set a strong push lane again at middle lane or bottom lane. I’m sure you will finish the game with the MEGA CREEPS status, destroying all the barracks of the enemy. Well, you can set your line hero for an alternate one as long as they have the same option of skill like the disable and the pushing ability. Hero like Broodmother is also a good option for alternate one. And last is the late game line up. To be honest, there are so many good lines up for the late game on five versus five. But for me this line up is the best of pioneer on this game type. My pick would be Nevermore, Rylai, Admiral, Gyrocopter and Enigma. It’s up to you what position you want for them as long as the nevermore must go as solo on middle lane. As a best option lane set up would be admiral on solo bottom, then rylai and gyrocopter were together on the top lane… Regarding the hero Enigma? This hero would be on the faming site on the neutral creeps to farm and buy a dagger of escape. The team play of is go for the farm on the early game and avoid being gank by the enemy. Then when the time is already on the middle, and nevermore already have a lothars or dagger of escape set a gank and be sure the the enigma also have its dagger. Those items will trigger for to set a good combination skill during class. The play would be like this, enigma will go for a black hole and follow up with the ship of admiral together with the last skill of gyrocopter and rylai, and then the last would be the finale which is the REQUEM of nevermore! I’m sure there would be no problem with that line up during clash. I’m sure this line up will own the game, we already tried and tested it by my friends during the game and its super effective. As an advice? I think it is still depend to those people who will play the specific hero which is provided. Because no matter how weak was your hero, what important is you can handle it to win the game. Always remember that setting up the best five versus five line up really need a good and focus of practice because the perfect timing for clash is the right skill for the specific time. That’s all, Hope this would help! God bless…