Make Difference

@buli23 (550)
January 4, 2011 7:49am CST
We all want to make difference from other, some able to success, some remain nonsuccessive. I also want to make difference from any other persons in this world. God knows how much I can able to do this. When any discussion occur among my friends, I always try to oppose all other opinion by arguments. I always try to keep my view unique. I always try to unique in my talking, walking, eating, reading, playing i.e. in every sphere of my life. I do not like to copy any other manners and I told this to all of my friends. Even when I was students I always tried to give the answer in a unique way in examination answer sheet. So, I want to tell to all of my friends again that be unique and be happy.
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• Philippines
7 Jan 11
It's good to be different sometimes. In fact, we are all different. If you look through the uniforms or the get-ups people wear, you'll see that everyone is really different. Although being radically different is not good anymore. I saw a man walking down the street one day. He was wearing a mo-hawk, a black leather vest, and a pair of leather pants. He also has a lot of piercings on his face and his ears. People around him were making fun of him. Although I bet he's happy with the get up. That's what he wants to be and no one's gonna stop him.