whether life is really fair?

January 4, 2011 5:17pm CST
If the experience of your life until now,whether this life really fair?Or is this life really just guns? The reason?
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• Indonesia
11 Jan 11
I think life is full of injustice,Maybe there who think that just because they did something equally divided, but the actual real justice is anything that is given to each person according to God's will.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
10 Jan 11
Life really fair for whom? life's not fair as well for whom? people always ask for justice, if people would judge ourselves, by seeing what is in his mind, maybe this is very scary, mind is the employer, mind is forming, as long as people have evil thoughts, the suffering will follow, as long as people have a good mind then happiness will follow, one's happiness was not dependent on the material but peace within himself. complacency is the richest person health is the greatest advantage patience is the most powerful love, we have a life long journey and not stop in life on this earth.
@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
6 Jan 11
For me life is fair ever. We fell unfair because we didn't understand a universe's law, action=reaction- physic law (newton formula) so i can say anything you got from your life is an effect from anything you did in your daily life. Alway doing the best good things is really the key to get better life. Nice topic. Have a nice day.
@cssiduyz (1054)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 11
If seen from the perception of the universe, of course, the answer is absolutely correct, it could be proven by looking at all the regularity and intensity that make up the entire contents of structural nature and its contents are called human beings .. However, if viewed only from the human perception, the human perception of contrast is generally not far from the needs and individual desires alone, resulting in a narrow viewpoint, or rough language "how will understand righteousness and justice of the universe, if it has not himself fully known" "The world is not for you, but you are to the world", that sentence essential to achieve the various meanings of life, such as satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, etc.. If you think that the world would give love, money and happiness, then when all that you do not have, it can imagine how miserable your life. But if you think that money, love, and happiness is the absolute responsibility of you, then you already have this life, and subsequently lived process it according to your tastes. If you look at yourself small, the world would appear cramped, and your actions were so stunted, but if you look at yourself a big, wide world of visible, you also do the things important and valuable. An inspiring example, as implemented by the great motivator Your actions are a mirror how do you see the world. While the world you never wider than your mind about yourself. That is why we are taught to positive prejudice to himself, so that we can see the world more beautiful, and act in harmony with the good qualities that exist in our minds.