My heart broken

@buli23 (550)
January 4, 2011 9:52pm CST
In everyone life loves comes one times silently. In my life it was came when I was a boy of 18 years. It was came when I was the student of B.Sc. (Hons.) first year. Still I am thinking how it was came in my life but I could not able to keep my love forever. I had to lost my love when I was a student of B.SC(Hons.) third year. That time I was totally broke down and I lost all my interest, I had to spent one or two year just like a machine. I had lost all my interest in my food, study, play etc. Still I could not able to forget her and I could not forget whole of my live. I always pray to God that Hey God give my all happiness to my lover keep her happy in every sphere of live and give her strength to overcome all the bad situation.
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• Philippines
7 Jan 11
hello buli, Sad to know that it happened to you but like is just like that. In our life love will always come in the most happiest and saddest way there is million of people out there and for sure you can find someone who is really your match just believe and wait for the right time . happy posting
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
5 Jan 11
Hi buli .. sorry for what you had to go through. Just keep believing that the right girl will come along for you. You have a good person , and the right person will be there. Just get over it , in time you will. Take care.
• India
5 Jan 11
You were young and immature. You didn't understand many things then. Love doesn't come only once in your life. 'Those who love only once in their lives are really shallow people', says Oscar Wilde. And I agree to that. But this doesn't mean you have to be disloyal to your wife. But if someone turns out to be disloyal to you, or doesn't reciprocate your feelings, you don't pay attention to him anymore. That's how it should go. Everyone can be weak, but only a few people can stand apart and be strong. There is no heroism in giving up eating, drinking, studying and playing for someone you love. But considering love as a inspiration is what the best interpreter will do at these times. A good interpreter always sees the positive side of everything, because no event in life can be totally void of it. But you need wisdom to be optimist. You need nothing to be a defeatist as it requires no significant strength of mind. Be strong, be open-minded and most important of all, be kind to yourself.