Loosing wight...

@alokijon (665)
January 5, 2011 2:49am CST
I am not sure how some people are easily shedding their weight. As for me it is very difficult to have a lean body. It is so impossible to shed at least one kilo. Yes I am a person that love to eat especially the fried food etc. I love to exercise but it is just that my weight never going down. Do you have any practical tips to lose some weight?
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@keisey (181)
• Philippines
11 Feb 11
The main reason why people get fat is because they eat the wrong food. The carb and fats really matter. If you eat the good fats and carbs, you will burn the unwanted fats but if you eat the wrong stuff, you will end up storing fat. There are two reason that the body store fat. First, because of the production of insulin when the sugar level is so high. This can become stored fat when they are not burnt out and that happens when the body fears starvation. The next reason is when the liver cannot function efficiently which happens when we eat a lot of junk and processed foods. This is because instead of focusing on fat burning, the liver would tend to filter the unwanted substances leaving it less time to do the other function, which is eliminating fat. I dedicated a website that talks about what to eat when dieting and it links to a free video that will give you an idea about how foods affect our weight, you may want to check it out.
• China
5 Jan 11
I think you should eat some healthy food,do not eat so much fried,it will make you more fat and hunt your body.and do exercise is good,no care the effect,just do exercise everyday.I think you should choose a sport and love it,drink much water also can help your healty.Hope my advice will help you.