Bukisa vs Hubpages vs other sites

January 5, 2011 3:30am CST
I have been writing articles for Bukisa for 6 months... Started writing in many other writing sites as well since Bukisa recently changed the method of payment from Bukisa Index to Google Adsense. I started writing in Triond, Factoidz and very recently in Hubpages. I got a Google Adsense account in Bukisa. The earnings I get are about a half of what I was earning through Bukisa index. With Bukisa index I earned $3 everyday but with Adsense in Bukisa I earn $1.5 a day. Hubpages also gives options to add Adsense. I like the way the site works.. You don't have to wait for approval to get your articles published, you get impressions when you refer people to hubs written by other people and getting traffic seems to be very easy there. Also, click through for ads is very good. I published 1 hub, got 17 ad impressions and there was 1 click for the 17 impressions. Anyone else uses hubpages? Can you tell me more about Hubpages? Especially I want to know the 'don'ts'...Can you add a link to your website in every article? (I read that there shouldn't be any intention of using Hubpages for getting traffic to your site but want to know if it is tolerated to some extent? For example, Bukisa doesn't allow self-promotion but adding a link to your site in all your articles is accepted, as long as you are not trying to sell something) By the way, if anyone wants to join Hubpages, PM me, I will be glad if I get referrals..
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• Bangalore, India
1 Dec 15
Yes I want to join in hub pages