Will you agree that internet is a source of plagiarism?

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 5, 2011 7:37am CST
With the ease of doing research on the net, I think many students are committing this deadly plagiarism thing. With the copy and paste attitude, makes lot of this young ones subjected themselves to plagiarism. How about you,have you done the same thing?
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• Philippines
5 Jan 11
I believe that I'm partially guilty of that practice. Of course, the internet is an immense instrument to do research specially on a topics that cannot be easily found on other resources. While I did the copy and paste thing, I would never pass it is ( I have a feeling that my teacher is going to check if I have done the deed) so I try to have gather information from other references that will help to make the topic more understandable than just a simple fact sheet. I try to put some of my personal touches as possible to make it a genuine research as it should be.
• United States
5 Jan 11
I have never plagiarized anything on the internet and would hope others do not as well. I am not naive and understand some do it wrongfully and wonder why they can't simply utilized their own brains to come up with their original work. It would be best to fail trying hard as opposed to perhaps one day being caught shamefully.
@aparajita (860)
• India
5 Jan 11
I did for someone but never thought that that someone was completely doting on me for her doctorate work. I had just tried to help with the points and the stuff she needed to rearrange,she being a very busy person had to complete it fell short of time and saw me one day. I worked and went through night-outs. It was exciting, getting stuff and also carrying with it the sense of sharing someone's burden. One day when she called me up to say I should have informed her earlier, I couldn't see her point that time. Later when she stopped responding I understood the whole thing. I have never written anything or done anything of that sort because I depend on my own faculties. However, I did at times for completion of work that would help someone else see the meaning or arrive at the point.