Smiley Faces

United States
January 5, 2011 3:16pm CST
I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I see that some people during their discussion are able to put little smiley faces and/or expressions. How do you get that? Do you need a certain amount of discussions or a certain rank in order to obtain it. I tried looking under FAQ but didn't find anything, but knowing me I probably missed it. I would really appreciate your input... Thanks!!!
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@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
7 Jan 11
Hello dear fabs precious. I see you already discovered them. As my dear collegue said, you are allowed only 3 per reply, but be careful not to abuse them to much though. An answer like this one: "I them 2 Yeey" in a topic for instance, might lead to a report, so quality posts are still required even with the use of smileys Take care and hope this helps.
• United States
7 Jan 11
Thank you for the helpful advise I will definitely keep that in mind and under consideration...