Do not speak English at all, automatically, will be able to

@gengeni (3308)
January 5, 2011 6:37pm CST
I want to ask ya, what if there are Indonesian people who do not speak English at all, to say nothing and do not know English at all when laid in America for 5 years if the auto was able to learn the English language without lag? For example: a genuine hobo plebeian who do not speak English at all if the lay inU.S. for 5 years whether Britain automatically speak fluently without having to learn English again after five years ? if the answer is yes, at least roughly how long can speak English fluently and without a hitch again (I made 5 years earlier as a benchmark wrote, so I ask again) same like we do not need to learn Indonesian can direct automatic, understand right?
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 11
depending on his brain, if age is still 20's there is still hope 5 years already fast and small barrier. That includes daily communication,I lived in America for 5 years but still feels less well understood. for daily conversation to be sure, 3 years is enough.
• India
7 Jan 11
Hello Recenly i had been to a place of pilgrimage , which is also a tourist spot in india, there i saw shopkeepers, vendors, speaking english, they never learnt english in school, some have never attended school though, they learnt it from tourists, visitors If we can't speak a language, the sign language works lol.. Thank you so much for this post.. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. . HAPPY NEW YEAR