@buli23 (550)
January 5, 2011 9:25pm CST
Soft is collection of different program to solve a particular problem. I think this civilization is totally depend on software. It is a fact that to run our computer at first we have to install software as per our work specification. After installation of particular software we can rue our computer as per our desire. We could not any any work with our software. In our office we can use different types of software to developed our work. With the help of software official works has become easy. Our software programmer always try to developed new software to open new advantage in our society.
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@zahir_dk (1693)
• India
11 Jan 11
Hardware is made for the software to run dude. Its useless if you dont have a software to run on it. N yes regarding quantity of softwares, also think the quality side of it. They are just there to make your life easy.
@fanzejian (372)
• China
6 Jan 11
software ,hardware are two sides of the computer ,and they are both very important .The society where we are living is just like the computer ,needing the hardware and software .The hardware includes the house ,transport,food and so on ,the software is consisted of the spirites