Love Lust or Love Last

love lust - figuring which comes first. love over lust or lust over love
January 5, 2011 9:50pm CST
i have been working in a company wherein i was surrounded by men. though some i considered them half men but 90 percent they are all boys. i came up with this thinking about men figuring out within themselves which really comes first when they saw a woman, and been attracted. do they really felt love when seen her, or they first felt lusted? or will you still choose knowing that woman and feel love rather than lusted only without love? just curious about men. :)
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@rage35 (344)
• Philippines
6 Jan 11
If you're curious about what men thinks when seeing a woman. Well then, I'll give you some facts about it. It depends on the guy. Not all guys felt lusted when they saw a beautiful and sexy woman. But, almost 80% of guys do think that way. I am not excused with this kind of feeling every time a beautiful and sexy woman approaches me. Sometimes, girls usually make themselves look attractive to boys in order to catch their attention. Yes, they've succeeded because the fact that boys can't hardly refuse being into a situation of having lust. Sometimes, our attraction to other women doesn't mean that we lust them. We are being attracted because of the looks of a certain woman. Love will not come at first sight. It needs further nourishment through getting to know each other before love develops. Loving at first sight is definitely not true. You can't feel love for just seeing a person, you only feel attracted to that person that makes you think that you are in love. Love needs time, and time is vital to make such love to develop.