What effect is much eating sweet foods?

@gengeni (3308)
January 6, 2011 4:24am CST
Do sweet foods can make the sweat production rate increases? What are the positive effects of eating sweet foods? How does an easy diet? Have a good day
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 11
effects of the many eating sweet foods that can make us so sick tooth or diabetes, the positive effects are usually felt the athletes because the sweet taste can be a backup source of glucose to increase energy from the athlete's own (example: a lot of ball players who chew gum)
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 11
the effect of obesity, blood sugar levels rise and cause diabetes, kidney disorder, etc. surely sweat production will increase because the fat factor. positive effect only making quick belly full after eating sweet foods. diet, regular exercise, eating prioritize eating vegetables, fruits, grains and avoid sugary foods, fatty, high calorie, carbohydrate is more, food snacks.
@asliah (11149)
• Philippines
7 Jan 11
hi, much eating of sweet will be the cause of obsess, and having a diseases such as diabetes, and problem in kidney.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
6 Jan 11
I've never heard that one before, but I wouldn't rule it out either. The biggest and most affect sweets have is on our pancreas and liver, oh and lets not forget the teeth. Sugar left on the teeth; of course, will cause cavities. Sugar in our digestive systems will overwork both the pancreas and the liver, and our bodies wont know what to do with all that sugar. It's not easy on the diet at all.
@jalucia (1435)
• United States
6 Jan 11
Sweet foods are comfort foods and can make you feel good for a bit. But, after you come down off your sugar high you might feel even worse. It has been proven that a little bit of chocolate every day helps to quell cravings for sweet and salty foods. And, dark chocolate is believed to be good for health and full of antioxidants. But, too much sugar leads to issues with health.
• Philippines
6 Jan 11
Good Day! Here are some causes of eating sweets too much. First your teeth, second is diabetes but of course if sweets are eaten in moderation, it has a good effect inn our body. Just don't eat too much sweet or else you'll end up losing your teeth.