whome should i do ?

January 6, 2011 10:53am CST
Hey guys, I and my some friends have arranged the trip to wonder the close tourist places which are really well developed and everyone dreams to visit that once a in life. Fortunately everything is went as planned till leaving to journey, but now problem is that; We have hired some cars that takes us all except one. that one my friends needs to be leave back and this is really unfortunate. Do you guys have ever gone through such dilemma. Please let me know what to Do ??? Sorry, if my english is BAD!!!
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• United States
6 Jan 11
You said you all planned a fun trip experience so I can't for the life of imagine why the cars capacity would not have included everyone participating. How do you decide who does not get to go? I mean do you disappoint one person and say sorry you can't go? Is there anyway to get a larger car. I have never had this type of dilemma as if I were part of a planning of a friends event I would take into account everyone to assure that we all can fit. I suppose if I made a mistake in count I would actually exclude myself as I would feel responsible for not accurately taking everyone into account. Especially if we are friends.
• India
11 Jan 11
yeah, that's what i did. Now all they are enjoying while i am posting this reply to you. But i really appreciate your response. Thank you very much.