Stupid vs lazy

@gengeni (3308)
January 6, 2011 8:19pm CST
If stupid people and lazy people are united, who is smarter? stupid people or lazy people? Hopefully, this question contains a moral message. Have a nice day
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 11
Stupid Humans that have the intention /business or curiosity to learn, must be smart. Humans are lazy as long as he has no intention or effort to learn, then he will remain ignorant.
• United States
7 Jan 11
Well if you are refering to stupid people as stupid people then you are saying they are not smart. So you answered your own question. I don't see any moral to this. Maybe get off your bum and learn to read?
@unique16 (1531)
• United States
7 Jan 11
Hello geneni, I think perosnally lazy people can be smart. They are so smart get things done quicker and make more money and the average person think they are lazy because they get more free time. Stupid people cannot help themselves when things go wrong they take a long time figure out solutuions or cannot at all because of injury or diease or were not born that way! Thanks and Have a great night! sincerley Unique16
• United States
7 Jan 11
Lazy people aren't stupid.