I love to eat.

@tiina05 (2318)
January 7, 2011 2:36am CST
hello everyone, I love to it every where no specific day or time. One of my favorite is Mcdonald's because I love their fries and not too expensive like the other affordable and very clean. WOW! I really want to know what is the secret recipes in there frenchfries. I am addicted to it. How about you what is your favorite food in Mcdonald's? share something.. ^_^
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@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
9 Jan 11
I use to love french fries, but these days I can never get a good order of french fries either from McDonald's or Burger King. I have never really gone to Wendy's for fast food, though I have to admit, they do have the best chili around. My favorite food from McDonald's is the double burger.
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@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
22 May 11
My favorite food at McDonalds is their Sweet Tea. I will stop and get one to have something to drink while I have all my errands to run and do. Other than that I might get a cheeseburger about once a month or a 10 piece chicken mcnuggets with their sweet and sour sauce. Thats about the only things I eat at McD's
• Philippines
18 Jan 11
Hi! Cravings! Yes! Definitely fast foods when i'd like to munch junk food that is fast when it comes to service i also prefer and go to Mcdonalds. I love their mcspaghetti, sundaes and same here fries. I'm almost craving now. Happy eating.