Who's to blame with the deterioration of our Education system?

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 7, 2011 8:24am CST
Who's at fault, is it the teachers, the students, the system or the government officials with the deterioration of our education system? For me, basically it's the officials. They're the policy makers and some of them are not suited to our system and yet they insist on implementing them. How about you, who do you think is to be blame?
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@gelay07 (589)
• Philippines
10 Jan 11
I blame the technology for the deterioration of our educational system. why? students depend so much on whats in the internet. try to ask one student if they ever get the chance to finish reading one book. you might get a no answer at that. yesterday when we were at our uncle's house. my nieces and nephews each had their own laptops and we took pictures of them to really witness what the technology has done to these kids. there were five of them busy playing. their ages ranked from 7 to 12 yrs. old. i don't think my nephews and nieces has ever been to a library. they do research for their assignments online and kids had their way of sneaking in to check their facebook account even they are only allowed to use the computer for their assignments. Theres no reason to change the curriculum, its a matter of properly implementing it and its better to go back to basic. not much technology needed to have good education. a school in bohol was reported for producing excellent students, when they found out the school was in the mountains. you could imagine the scarcity these students have in terms of technology. they only have basic facilities.
• Philippines
10 Jan 11
I have to agree to with you. It's not the policy or the theory that is wrong but the people who are in position who had lack of will to implement and to execute the policy or theory itself in actualization. Also, the there is no central focus or direction on education. Problems are just piling up and not being addressed or solved. This creates more confusion and frustration to the people below the officials due to the miscommunication as well as lack of priorities.
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
8 Jan 11
The problem is too complicated to blame it in one sector alone. In my opinion, it's on the values of every person. Although it is clear that our education system has deteriorated we can still hear news about students who excel not only locally but internationally as well.
• Philippines
7 Jan 11
hello Edna! i agree with you that is the officials who are to blame for the deterioration of the education system here in the Philippines. Adopting some policies which had been effective for other countries is not advisable since we have a different cultural and social background and the results are not the same. Moreover, corrupt officials had somehow misappropriated the funds intended for the development and upliftment of the educational system. I also partly blame the kind of teachers we have nowadays. Whereas before, teachers had been downright noble in their aspirations and actual work. Nowadays, we can see teachers who look more like club entertainers than teachers. We see teachers whose faces are so made up, children are aptly afraid of them. i know that some of these teachers are good teachers too but we cannot dismiss the fact that teachers should look and talk like teachers. If they start looking like club entertainers, then i think there's some problems with the recruitment phase. What's more, teachers who are assigned in the hinterlands often goes to their school on Mondays arriving there on the afternoons and then goes back down on the Thursday or Friday, barely conducting classes only two to three days a week. I don't know but i really think teachers in the olden days are very much different from the new breed of teachers we have now. Although there are some who are very excellent too nowadays but i can't help observing the some who are not really fit to be teachers at all.