Greedy Baby

United States
January 7, 2011 10:11am CST
My one year old daughter has a huge appetite, she wants to eat everytime she sees me and my wife eats. Whenever she think sees a plate she spits out her pacifier. It is so funny, but it worries me when I think of her becoming obese. I just want her to be healthy because everyday you hear about children passing out because of exessive eating.
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• Afghanistan
7 Jan 11
It is normal for babies to eat too much or not to eat anything. They don't have the ability to think what is right for their body and what is not. The main cause of a baby eating much is the secretion of "hunger hormones" - ghrelin, orexin, and PYY 3-36. So if your take your daughter to a child doctor, he will give your daughter some medicines that will stop the over secretion of this hormone and it will solve your problem. Being a father is very hard job and your worry regarding your daughter's health is quite normal. Eating more means unnecessary amount of energy production which the body stores in the form of fat and it is not so good as compared to eating regularly is adequate amount and not storing any fat in the body. Fat people are more prone to lots of diseases. So, You are a good father because you have thought about your child's health in time, so take her to a doctor and solve your problem.