Daydreaming about lottery

United States
January 7, 2011 3:25pm CST
It sounds silly, but I actually have daydream about winning a lottery, and spend the rest of life in luxury and world tour traveling. What an amazing dream isn't it? But in reality, I still work my butts off everyday to keep up my bills and debts. A couple days ago, two person from Washington and Idaho respectively won the mega - million jackpot. I just envy them with those money. I wish that I was the one who bought that ticket. Well, time to pinch myself awake, it is not me though in reality.
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@aprilsong (1886)
• China
10 Jan 11
Hi,it is not so silly,because i have maken that kind of dream too.And i think lots of people are like you and me. But if we think carefully,to win a lottery is really a good thing? I think maybe the answer is no. If you just read the news about those winners, you will find lots of them have bad results.The unpredictable big sum of money will do lots of harms to you. It can let once happy couple divorce; it can let relatives and siblings fight with each other;it can let you lose your way of life. So the really pleasure lies in making money with one's own hands and brains.Just like mylotters.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
10 Jan 11
hi, i love to dream about lottery, because i won even in a dream only, how lucky i am if i win at lottery, i will create a list what i would buy. i wish i could win too in reality.
• Portugal
8 Jan 11
its normal that you dreamt about win the lottery^^ i guess that everyone would like to win the lottery^^ me too i play sometimes to see if i have some luck but till now i just won a bit of money. i never won a big prize. but maybe someday you can win. we always need to have a happy idea. if we think that for all our life we will always work and work till get old we will get depressed. we need to be happy.
@djbtol (5498)
• United States
8 Jan 11
First, we must get the quip out of the way. How many butts do you have? Maybe you are counting the butts of your husband and children along with yours. I tend to tell myself not to daydream about something like winning the lottery. As I read your post, I was thinking it might not be a big deal if in some way that daydream helps you be successful in your life. But if the daydream only causes you to lust for that lottery ticket all the more, and to be dissatified with your life, then it seems to not be a healthy thing to do. Have a good day.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
8 Jan 11
Everyone says that if he wins the lottery would make acts of charity, would know who I associate with, would invest abroad, etc. .. I think if he wins the lotto twist in the next second,all this, and most of us would break into fancy shapes and not much time .... and I still probably run out of money ..... so if you earned the lotto, make sure a place to put your head on a pillow quietly ...... and wander through the world a bit, she's beautiful ..... Good luck!
7 Jan 11
Its not silly, I have actually planned what Im going to do when I win the lottery (I say "when" not "if" as it is part of my positive thinking plan, it will happen!) After banking the money obviously I will look for three houses, all quite close together, for me, my parents and my sister. They have to be close enough that we can visit a lot but not so close that my parents will constantly know everything we do lol! They dont have to be massive houses but must have a garage, a walk in wardrobe and a nice big garden. Then plan the decorating, hire people to do it and go on holiday while its done! Id also go to one of the top hairdressers and just tell them to do what ever they like to my hair, because Id like to see what they will do with it! Also there are a few charities that I would like to make a donation to. So dont think your day dream is silly, it might come true!