delayed text messages

New Zealand
January 7, 2011 10:42pm CST
Does this ever occur to anyone else. It can be extremely frustrating when your mobile network fails to meet your expectations. Is there an explanation for the possible reasons as why some text messages are delayed. Most importantly what actions I can take to improve my text reaching my recipients. Especially when you send a text message to someone within your own country and on the same network with a brand new phone possessing more than enough memory. But however messages would be received hours later or even sometimes days later. Any one had similar experiences or have an idea what may be happening.
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• United States
8 Jan 11
It has happened form time to time and more so on holidays as I can imagine a great deal of increased traffic. I do not appreciate it sometimes when it is not a holiday and the message does get delayed by a day. When I have called my company they state it must be a solar issue, okay that still did not answer why if they are nationwide.